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  • Brian Jones

A LIV lightweight travel trailer that’s uniquely YOU!

Right off the line, LIV lightweight travel trailers are unique in their own right, with the revolutionary double-welded unibody cage, 100% composite design, and lightweight construction. Although every model is already packed with features, we also offer lots of additional upgrades to help you customize your travel trailer to fit your needs. However, one of our customers took customization a step further by asking us to give his LIV 19BHD a custom paint job—and we’re obsessed!

LIV travel trailer with a custom paint job

Our customer was ready to get his camper on the road, but not before asking us to make one bold aesthetic change first. He loved how great it turned out—and so did we—so we’ve decided to start offering custom paint jobs as an upgrade option to all our LIV travel trailers!

LIV travel trailer with gray custom detailing

This kind of customization can really set your RV apart from every other travel trailer on the highway. Show off your unique style by having your camper covered in your favorite color, or have it painted to match your vehicle—the possibilities are endless!

Give our experts a call at 229.380.0652 for more info about how to set your new LIV travel trailer apart from all the rest!



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